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In the coaching sessions I will use my expertise and almost 30 years of experience in management training to support, motivate and – very importantly – challenge you to consider your situation from new perspectives. Although my approach as a coach is based on the assumption that you are the expert at your job and in your own life, our confidential conversations will help you to see options so that you can make more conscious, assertive and favorable decisions about your own development.

The reality in the work situation has three dimensions: the “knowing”, the “doing” and the “being.” In my opinion, the most important - but also the most challenging dimension - is the “being” dimension. You might be highly educated, both academically and technically, and you might have many years of experience managing a lot of different processes, but what is decisive when it comes to your image and effectiveness as a team member or as a leader, is how you behave as a person.

Your behavior patterns and ways of interacting with others are influenced by many internal and external factors. You have the power to influence some of them, but others you will have to learn to live with. During the coaching process, you will become aware of the different aspects of your way of communicating with others as a team member and/or as a leader that favor high performance and those you would like to improve. You will learn to become more conscious of the impact your personality has on other people, and you will develop skills that will help you to adapt your interactions and interventions to better fit each person and each situation. Additionally, you will receive training in stress management, self-control, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The challenge is to break old automatic behavior patterns and habits in order to incorporate more effective options.

The desired image as a professional and leader - Weaknesses, strengths, challenges, opportunities - Self-control – Stress management - Life-work balance - Self-regulation of emotions - Conflict management - Self-esteem and Self-knowledge.

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