Clients and Testimonials

Some of the companies and organizations that have used my services in leadership development, team building, stress management and mindfulness in Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica and Puerto Rico for the past 30 years.


"Dr. Jan Moller has provided our company with his services as executive coach and management training facilitator repeatedly since 2004. His coaching and training have always given excellent results, and have received recognition from everybody, incluiding the Senior Managment Team, with which he has led Team Building Workshops annualy for the las 4 years, the last  being in January 2016. I higly recommend him for his human and  professional qualities".
Linda Hug
HR Manager,
Equinor - Venezuela

"JI have had the great opportunity to receive the support of Jan in the facilitation of high performance teams, providing our people with tools, strategies and options to create work-life balance, optimistic attitudes towards present and  future challenges, openeness towards learning and flexibility to adapt to changes using our own inner strenght. It´s like your team transforms into one entity, focused on the same path.. the whole organization functioning with vitality. Every time I have the need to pause, to look around, to evaluate in order to advance, I know I can count on Jan Moller as my guide".
Elvis Albornoz
HR Vice President, Plumrose Latin America

"The various learning experiences our collaborators have shared with Jan Moller during many years, have always ment a great opportunity for reflection.  He provides a down-to-earth analisis and understanding of the importance of reinforcing our inner strength in order to manage and respond to the ever increasingly complex and changing work and life situations we face, and he teaches us how the external world is a reflection of our inner reality. His training interventions have greatly contributed to our growth as individuals, teams and organization".
Elizabeth Velazco Castillo
HR Corporate Manager,
Banco Mercantil - Venezuela

"For our company, what we have learned from Dr. Moller about leadership and management has been invaluable, but the real transformation is the one we live every day in our efforts to grow as individuals, and to enjoy the way he has taught us; this has been the springboard from which we have been able to progress as a team and as an organization".
Giovanny Sánchez
CEO, Grupo Máxima - Venezuela

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